Michael Withers is a current USCCA Certified Firearms Instructor that offers personalized Firearms training for individuals and small groups at an affordable hourly rate.

Sargent Michael Withers AKA "Ginge" Withers is a retired Elite British Royal Marines Commando. Michael served in many different operations, from the streets Northern Ireland to Afghanistan. Michael offers classes to beginners with little to no knowledge  as well as advanced shooters, which includes dynamic shooting, tactical understanding & live fire training.

The training includes:  

  • Pistol/Handguns Configuration, Instructions, & Live Training

  • Rifle Configuration, Instructions, & Live Training

  • Shotgun Configuration, Instructions, & Live Training

  • Training for all ages and experience.

USCCA In person Courses.                                     

  • Basic Handgun.

  • Concealed Weapons permit.

  • Home Defense.

  • Real Estate Agent Safety. 

  • Intro into Constitutional Carry.

USCCA "Online" Concealed carry and home Defense fundamentals.